Aster: The Inspiration is You, Dear Lover

long bowSunday, November 23, 2014

Hello, Aster. The last few weeks have brought to me the new tasks you promised earlier that would be coming my way. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t even had time to spend some time with you, though you’ve been on my mind for many days now.

Aster: It’s as if the dam has broken, is it not? The drawing back action of the bowman allows for the flinging out of the arrow. We mention here this metaphor to communicate multiple things in one image. What do you make of this image?

It is indeed as if the dam has broken. I see many places where there used to be a sort of backwater or stagnant, still water and now these are moving along in a streaming motion. Although I could spend pages commenting on the details of this or that, the main pattern is as you say.

I have seen there to be a drawing back, this is so, and in those moments, I could feel the tension mount. Following this, again, as you say, there’s been a flinging forward of action and activity, very focused too, just like an arrow, with aim and all.

Aster: Such is the power of a metaphor, if properly chosen! Continue reading


Aster: The Shift is Here Now!

passionate heartSaturday, November 8, 2014

Dear Aster, who is also my ‘selves’, I’ve finally come out of the passage of perpetual releasing it seems. Instead of this, there feels to me to be a shift of epic proportions into activity creating the new. This isn’t only my experience either, but one I’m seeing and hearing from so many others at this time.

Aster: The releasing of the old has been a necessary prelude to this creative phase. Until this releasing came to a certain collective place, the shift of energetic interplay and the co-creation of the energies of the collective was not yet ready to go forward.

The time to go forward has arrived and it’s in direct relation to the ‘space’ created by releasing the energies and attachments to what has been made obsolete. A new level has been reached and from this plateau there will be an explosion, a proliferation, a dynamic and expansively wild movement of Divinity-in-Action.

Rejoice, for the time to move is here now. All that’s required is the Heart to do so. Continue reading