Aster: Discomfort and Dissolving Foundations



Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Greetings. I’d like to get some feedback on the unusual and uncomfortable stage I’m feeling lately. For the last week or so, I’ve been feeling sad and mildly depressed too. I keep myself busy, but the truth is that it feels as if nothing matters.

I know this is both true and false at the same time. I know that I’m the one to decide what matters. Many of these decisions I’ve made are based in knowing what matters to me, regardless of the payoff and regardless of the ease of going forward. I feel deflated somehow, and this is unusual for me. I’m normally more buoyant than this.

Aster: We greet you, sister and self. We’re aware of the current wave of discomfort for you, and we know you’re also hearing it in different forms from others as well. This is a current of discomfort that’s happening throughout the collective and it is being noticed by many, but understood in its broadest sense by few.

The human’s way is to personalize whatever is being experienced. This is being referred to as a filter, and also has many other names or words to describe the diversity of experience in each point of perception that comprises the One Consciouness we all share.

So, you’re saying that this is a current of feeling going through our shared or collective consciousness?

Aster: We would say this is so. We would also say that the diversity of how this is experienced is very broad. Depending on the point of perception one is residing in, this can be discomfort or it may even be illuminating or freeing as well.

However, for many it is being felt as discomfort. There’s a movement and it’s a substantial one that is pushing through what you may term as the foundation or foundational principles of collective thoughts and beliefs. Some of what will be upended will be that which is at the very cornerstones of the cathedrals of humanity’s most cherished and seemingly noble icons and ideals.

What will the feelings be when such is happening? When the foundations are crumbling, because the very beliefs that hold them up are in error, even before this is realized, there’s a knowing that precedes the fall.

This fall of iconic and cherished belief systems is well on its way to being critically compromised. In fact, the viability of many of these is no longer there at all. There is some sadness and grief with their passing, and as we’ve said, this is being perceived in a great variety of ways.

Sigh… I can’t say this isn’t what I’m feeling here, though I hadn’t really thought of it in this way. I guess time will tell if what you’re saying is true, and if it holds up to what others are experiencing as well.

It’s simply disconcerting that nothing seems to matter and this just isn’t me.

Aster: The crumbling of the old is what is sighing in the wind. So many of the ways which are currently being utilized for going forward are still tied into the ways which are in the process of disintegration.



There will need to be a releasing and a void or pause to pick up again, and to go forward in ways that are new and in alignment, or at least approaching closer alignment with what is true, with Divine principles and attributes, for instance.

This is not an easy switch over and there’s no judgment here either. The void we speak of is a frightening one for most, and though we know it’s a necessary pause in order to allow for a change in the very foundations that underlie all that is created going forward, we also know this releasing of great sadness and this grieving is a necessary step, and is better not ignored or dishonored by ignoring its depth and its reality in the moment.

I’m glad I brought this to you today. I hesitated to mention it, because it feels as if I’ve betrayed my own choices or devotion or something. I know this isn’t so and yet this is how I feel right now.

Aster: This pause is a holy one. All moments are sacred, of course, but this is a special moment which offers something remarkable. Here is the magic moment when the feelings you have are showing you what is dissolving away. Allow for whatever discomfort to express itself, and our recommendation is not to be in too much of a hurry to assign judgments to any of what is being experienced.

Like all moods and feelings, this one too shall pass. When it does, there will be something new to occupy you, a new level of devotion and wonder will appear to keep you busy and excited.

Thank you for that prediction, Aster. It’s been good to have this talk and share this day. I think, now, I can not be so worried about attaching to this feeling, or worry about trying to remedy it.  I can see that it’s probably a feature of the dissolution and decay of what needs to be reestablished in a new way.

Like a lot of folks, I guess I’m just tired of all the waiting and feeling like what’s changing isn’t changing fast enough. I guess I’m just feeling weary for the moment, and it will soon pass.

Aster: This weariness is a shared experience among many of you at this time. We are here in support and in solidarity with you, even though many are not aware of the connection to all beings. We support and love you.

Thank you and farewell for now.



8 thoughts on “Aster: Discomfort and Dissolving Foundations

  1. Andrea you conversations with Aster have really been resonating with me – thank you for taking the time to post them. I was so relieved to read you post today as I too have been feeling rudderless for the past couple weeks. This is quite unusual for me, but what Aster said about this being a pause to let the old disintegrate to make way for the new feels true for me. I will take the suggestion to let this experience of the void be what it is and not try to judge or fix it. Good to know what I am feeling may be a part of a greater unfoldment and I am not lost alone in the dark. Thank you Andrea and Aster! Much Love and Light.

    • You’re so very welcome, Sara. These messages feel so very personal to me, at first I saw no reason to share them. But then the message and nudge to share them became very strong. It’s gratifying that so many find them useful as well. Who knew that would happen? LOL!

      It is good to know others are feeling the same way too. What a relief, ^^.

      Much love to you, dear, and on we go… into the unknown.

  2. Thank you, thank you Andrea so much for posting this. It was exactly what I’ve been feeling lately. I’v been very detached or removed and even angered lately by anything having to do with the “traditional” roles of husband/wife and I have come to the conclusion that it must be something I’m experiencing/releasing for the collective. It is a relief to think that it is helping the greater good, but it is not any fun to go through emotions which I’m having toruble discerning as my own or a collective one. This definitely helps me to not make these feeling so much about me and my life and will help me to be the instument to help these energies and beliefs to peacefully transmute. I so appreciate you and what you do!
    Much love,

    • Dear Laurel,

      When I first ‘discovered’ I was an empath, I was in my mid-thirties. I had absolutely no idea I was feeling the feelings of others. Once this realization happened, a whole lot of things fell into place for me and I understood clearly why I thought I was going insane.

      A wonderful tool for dividing what is mine and what isn’t was given to me about that time. What it is is simply looking to see where the source of the feeling is.

      If I can’t source the feeling without casting around and pasting a label on the bottle, then I know this feeling is not mine. I can then look around me and find the source fairly easily. Even driving, the person in the next car may be the source.

      If the feelings are stuck and there’s no remedy, this is also a hint that they’re not my feelings. In which case, I stop attaching to them as if they were.

      Good luck with this tool. May it serve you and help you as it has me for 20 years now. At first it took a lot of effort and awareness, but now, with two decades of practice, it’s automatic pilot. I barely think of it, it happens by habit.

      The other beautiful thing about this practice, is that it’s built up my trust between me and myself again. I used to hate myself as I felt betrayed by all this mayhem in my space. It took awareness to understand I’m like a sponge and need to be responsible not only for what I give, but even more for what I receive!

      Much love,

  3. Another wonderful post, my friend. I resonate with every word. I’ve been aware that we’re in “the waiting room” or in a state of “Inertia” from two other articles that resonate so well with yours:

    From The Golden Age of Gaia—”Universal Mother Mary: INERTIA… this is your next step…Inertia—that moment of quiet, that moment of stillness, it is that moment of stillpoint where all the energies of my Tsunami are re-gathered, re-integrated, deepened, before the final battle… and that final battle is your surrender to Love.”

    And from Karen Bishop: “We are currently in the waiting room. In a lull, a quiet, a barrenness, a place of no place… the waiting room… Anything reeking of old received a turned up nose as the new & much better was a craving that could not be ignored: “I deserve better. I can do better than this. This is not for me. What was I ever thinking?!?”
    …There is a group still moving, not yet plugged in, no anchor to its name. These are the forerunners of the forerunners. If you noticed as immense let-down after Sept. 22, a strange depression, a devastation, an unmanageable disappointment, a seeming ending to your coping skills, or even a lack of desire to do a thing, you are most likely a forerunner of the forerunners… These forerunners have been ready for their new slots FOR A VERY LONG TIME. Hanging on in the emptiness has taken on a new meaning far beyond what was originally expected. Blocked from connecting to anything new, from creating new space, to new relationships & more, THESE SOULS HAVE BEEN LIVING A LIFE OF NO-LIFE FOR A VERY LONG TIME, a crabby never seen or known before personality taking over what is left like a hermit crab borrowing a shell…
    WE NEED NOT DO A THING AT THIS POINT. We will all be carried across when the time is right. Ushered into the new by bands of Heavenly angels. Our paths are being set—what is needed is being set into place, we need only SURRENDER & ALLOW. We are indeed being taken. If we attempt to move ahead by ourselves & too quickly we can easily end up in a ditch.”
    If we attempt to move ahead by ourselves & too quickly we can easily end up in a ditch.”

    The incredible discomfort and “weariness” is so palpable (Lord, I feel like I’ve been exhausted for YEARS,) so I focus on doing whatever I can for Divine Gaia and to help manifest the New Age with prayers, affirmations, visualizations, mantras etc. It’s about all I can manage these days. Blessings to you, Andrea, and to all the “forerunners of the forerunners.” XOX

  4. Thank you again Andrea. This is very helpful information and I am grateful to you for sharing it. It’s funny that even though I feel like intellectually I know that I can absorb other people’s stuff, I still attach sometimes and make it my stuff too. I intend to get better at the discerning part and like you said “be responsible for what I receive too” Love that-so empowering. I am learning to embrace the ability to release for the collective but need to remember that sometimes it may not be my issue but just moving through me. This is tricky but important work we do. Love to you,

  5. Just a quick note to express my gratitude for sharing this message, Andrea. I had been experiencing what felt like I was immersed in a low level depression and sadness. Now that I think about it, it felt like it surrounded me not emanating from me. Hard to put it into words the relief knowing I am not the only one. Now this void feels almost magical.

    • So good to hear from you again, Janet!

      It’s been a difficult time we’ve had, hasn’t it? I’m so happy if any of what I share her is helpful to anyone at all!

      Please take care, dear sister, and much love to you. Andrea

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