Aster: Discomfort and Dissolving Foundations



Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Greetings. I’d like to get some feedback on the unusual and uncomfortable stage I’m feeling lately. For the last week or so, I’ve been feeling sad and mildly depressed too. I keep myself busy, but the truth is that it feels as if nothing matters.

I know this is both true and false at the same time. I know that I’m the one to decide what matters. Many of these decisions I’ve made are based in knowing what matters to me, regardless of the payoff and regardless of the ease of going forward. I feel deflated somehow, and this is unusual for me. I’m normally more buoyant than this.

Aster: We greet you, sister and self. We’re aware of the current wave of discomfort for you, and we know you’re also hearing it in different forms from others as well. This is a current of discomfort that’s happening throughout the collective and it is being noticed by many, but understood in its broadest sense by few.

The human’s way is to personalize whatever is being experienced. This is being referred to as a filter, and also has many other names or words to describe the diversity of experience in each point of perception that comprises the One Consciouness we all share.

So, you’re saying that this is a current of feeling going through our shared or collective consciousness? Continue reading


Aster: Honoring and Mastery

sacred momentFriday, October 17, 2014

I’m here now and paying attention, so you can stop pressing into my consciousness when I’m trying to go about my daily business. (Laughing.)

Aster: It’s you who are pressing into our consciousness! (Laughing!)

What would you like to talk about today then?

Aster: We would like to speak as simply as we may about honoring. What we mean by this is to honor your own consciousness and your own experience without insisting on all the separations you place on this in terms of polarity, judgment, and value.

In going about your daily tasks, you’re also ‘going’ everywhere else in your consciousness at the same time, aren’t you? Well, we’d like to point out that this gets separated into this ‘inside/outside’, ‘mundane/sacred’ and other modes of value placements. There’s a sorting going on here, this happens for the most part automatically and under the level of consciousness.

We would ask more attention be brought to this process, that it be brought into a more conscious place. What this will do is bring more ‘light’ into all your activities. This will bring a shift in perception as well, one that is very important for you at this time. Continue reading

Aster: What is the Hesitation?

why the hesitation 2Friday, October 10, 2014

Hello again, Aster.  How very odd it feels to come to an open page and not know what will come out of it. I also find that if I go back and reread what’s been given before, it’s often like I’ve not read it before. If this is information coming what basically is from myself (as we are One), then how can this be? It’s a bit confusing, even though I accept this is how it is for now.

Aster: There’s so much of who we are. To stretch to the limits of this, when there are no limits… And yet, in any moment there is whatever there is there to come into focus. To hold all focal points in precision at all times will require much more opening and stretching of what is considered to be ‘consciousness’.

There’s so many beliefs in the human realm at this time to limit this expansion. It’s happening even so, and yet there’s still much to be done in encouraging all beings in limitation to honor what expansion is happening. The habitual stance is to disregard that which is ‘outside’ the norm, and there’s also the stance to dismiss that which can’t be understood in habitual ways. Continue reading

Aster: Chaos Comes Before Sacred Geometric Reordering

squeezedFriday, October 3, 2014

Here I am, and ready to share thoughts again with you. In the past two weeks since we’ve spoken it’s been feeling very, very heavy energetically. Only this time it seems more mental and emotional, rather than physical like it was before. 

I’ve definitely felt squeezed, and challenged by situations which seemed to be pressurized. There’s been the feeling like the pressure is building and something, somewhere, is ready to pop.

At the same time, I’m feeling hesitant to assign this to anything particular. Instead, I intuit this is playing out everywhere in many different arenas.

Aster: We would say this is so. Of course, we would say if this is your personal experience, then of course it is so, even if it isn’t so to anyone else. In this case, however, this is the vibrational interaction happening at this time, and its expressions in your realm are diverse.

There’s a tendency for human kind to wish to mentally assign a ‘reason’ for whatever is being experienced, like pasting a label on a bottle, as you would say. What’s in the bottle, in fact, may be something altogether different. In this case, what is in the bottle, metaphorically speaking, is the chaotic reordering of all manifestations being carried forward by humanity, and the collective consciousness of the human kingdom on Gaia. Continue reading