Where is the Love?

where is the love?I continue to observe that for many of us there’s a whole lot of suffering still going on about not receiving enough love.

Love is the essence of what powers us in each moment. The perception that there’s a lack of love in our lives is one that is both brutal and intensely hurtful too.

In the spirit of teasing this knot apart and looking at some of the individual strands of this mind-virus in the matrix of consciousness, I’d like to make some general observations and also share a personal storyline of my own in order to illustrate what happened to me that allowed for my perception to change about this matter of receiving love, and my painful lack of it.

To begin here, I’d like to say that we’re told that we Are Love, and that Love is the essence of all that exists. This might be accepted intellectually, but then why (in the name of Heaven) can’t I feel it?

My story is about myself as a young woman, barely into adulthood, who became intensely ill from cancer.

My perception at that time was that my world was one without love, and frankly, there was no part of me that wanted to live in this world. I was also afraid to die, but actually, at that time and from that perspective, death was preferable to living in the poisonous place I was in. Without love, there’s nothing to live for in my view.

I held my grief inside me. I didn’t wish for it to be known or shared by anyone, and it was literally eating me up inside.

Bear with me here as this story has two important elements. Continue reading


Aster: The Passage is Narrow

narrow passage 4Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hello, dear Aster. It’s been 10 days since the last time we were here together in conversation, at least ‘formally’. These days have been pretty rough for me, both physically and also somewhat mentally. Lots of clearing in the body and let’s just say my mind isn’t obeying the rules of engagement as I’ve come to know them.

Aster: And so it is. This part of the passage is narrow, though the passage itself is to bring you to a more expanded space. We say narrow because the energies which are streaming through your bodies both physical and mental are pushing your conscious awareness into a sort of a tunnel.

Allow for this to go on and do so without concern, as on the ‘other side’ of this narrow passage is the spaciousness you desire. Nor is this spaciousness completely new to you, you will remember much of how it is, even while being astounded by how different it is to anything you can remember of this lifetime.

Like sands through an hour glass, so is the human collective following the same route through the passage to the new paradigm, and this IS to be a feature in both time and space, or as you would understand it, in 3D. Just like single grains of sand, some will pass through a bit sooner, but all will pass through to the New time and space experience in their own way. Continue reading

Aster: Honor the Mystery and Acknowledge the Reunion

meThursday, September 11, 2014

Hello again, dear Aster.  Can you speak about what is going on between us and somehow help me to understand how I can be speaking to you and yet I’m speaking to myself?  How does this work and why is it happening now?

Aster: It’s happening now because you are ready to begin to acknowledge your multi-dimensionality.  There has to be some bridgework done in order for there to be a way to do this.  What we are doing in these conversations is building this bridge and the work of On-aira and the air elementals were to prepare you, in fact, for this.

While from our view you’ve been in form for just the merest moment, to you the experience has been so immersive and intense that you’ve the need to find a way to reconnect to that which you could actually and truthfully never be disconnected from.  We speak of your own being, your own self, my self.

This is a poignant moment. I guess I just have to allow it to be what it is and see what happens.  Continue reading

Retrieving and Owning Up to Our Inner Wisdom

first stepsWe’ve been getting subtle and not so subtle hints for a long time now through many of our favored sources, both angelic and galactic, about finding out about, getting in touch with, and learning to depend on our own inner knowing and wisdom.

Of course, how much of this is actually happening depends both on who you ask and when you ask it.

Anyway, it seems to me, that we, as a group, are moving out of the ‘playpen’ stage and into the toddler stage now, in that some of us are stepping out of the place where we absolutely have to have validation of our own knowing.

There’s nothing wrong with seeking validation of what we’re perceiving, and I feel this is a part of building our new navigational skills in this new era and paradigm. We’ve been receiving bucket loads of encouragement, and this encouragement continues. Still, there comes a time when the training wheels come off, or the guiding hand of the parent is removed, and the child waddles forward without outer support.

These tentative first steps are intense. They’re filled with both desire to succeed and the uncertainty that we will. There’s a basic trust which must be included in this moment, as without it, there would be no first step to begin with. So, the building of trust between me and myself had to come first. Continue reading

Aster: Awakening From the Dream and Clarification of the Mission

missionSaturday, September 6, 2014

Welcome, Aster, and can we continue with our conversation today? I’d like the subject matter to be about ‘mission’ and what this means. People everywhere are hungry for any tidbits that may hint on what this is for them.

I’d like to share first an excerpt from a session with On-aira, the air elemental, back on June 1st, 2014. I asked for hints about my mission and was challenged to tell it for myself. Here is what came from this:

“I’m curious to find out more details of my mission here and the future, of course. Can you share any tidbits at this time about this?

“On-aira: We would say to you that you are well aware of what your mission is! If you’re looking for clarification, you’re the one to clarify it! We laugh with you, oh creative one.

“Hahaha. I know you’re right.

“I’m here to hold the Light and to integrate the shadows.

“I’m here to model balance and to be the conduit of Love in the most powerful way I’m capable of.

“I’m here to BE the vessel of Source, and to em-hody the Divine Principles as fully as I may.” (1)

Can you speak briefly about mission in a way that may benefit any who are feeling disconnected to their own mission, and give some ‘down to earth’ ways that they might be able to use to reconnect? Continue reading

Aster: Our Relation to the Goddess of the Universe

Goddess of the UniverseMonday, September 1, 2014

Hello, Aster. Can you speak to the speculation concerning your name and how it relates to entities such as the Goddess, Astarte?

Aster:  Yes. The function of a name is to signify something in sound waves and this choice is also telling something about the frequency or vibration of the being named. This is a name I bear for the most part in this instance to commune with you, as from your perspective it is a necessity. Those who know me in other dimensions where this verbal signifier or sound isn’t needed would know me simply by my vibration.

In the realm of senses that you currently occupy (at least consciously), there’s also the sight for recognition purposes. The more subtle senses of smell and touch can also be utilized, but for the purposes of speech, there is the need for a name to signify and identify.

Still, this name, and the vibration related to it, is related, as you say, to the Goddess icon of Astarte. Though the modern distortion of this conceptual archetype is no where near what it started out as. Continue reading