The Opening and the Clearing: Part Three – Feeling High

blissIn those first sessions, the levels of energy were so high, I literally felt high and full to the brim with bliss.  It was difficult to stay grounded enough for knowing what questions to put forward.  It felt a lot like a see-saw effect, with my awareness rising and dipping again throughout the process.

Another interesting thing that happened was a feeling of ‘presence’ approaching that let me know there was a session coming on.  On the approach of the presence, there was a feeling of strong vibration and the closer it got to me, the more blissful it got.  I’m not talking about only spiritual bliss here either, what I’m talking about was intensely physical as well.

I’d have to say the closest thing to describing it is the onset of a physical climax, only this vibration is more seamless and smooth somehow, less like ripping and tearing away of inhibitions.  There was still a hint of embarrassment with this process though, some pink cheeks and some sighing too, no doubt remnants of sexual programming going out the window.

I think this is worthy of mentioning because from the realm of ‘normal’ awareness, this is stretching of vibrational beingness and it is experienced as extreme pleasure.  Since there’s few things that can be as powerfully blissful as orgasm, then there’s bound to be some confusion when first feeling this.

On the other hand, it can be said that the same energy source in the body that powers orgasm is the system and energy that powers the vitality and the life of the body itself.  Those who study the Kundalini will already know this, but for those who experience this without having some warning may have to slog through some old programming and prohibitions concerning sex on the way to finding balance with how this feels at first.

Swooning, sighing, gasping, tingling, gulping air, oh yeah, all this and more.  It began as subtle, but building, and then as I focused on it, it became more and more profound.  I found the only way to proceed to the automatic writing part was to allow the feelings to bouy me up and up and then focus intently on grounding back into the ground and Gaia.

As the weeks went by and especially with the instructions of paying attention to the body, and cleaning up my act in terms of how I treat and regard her, the feelings of intense and un-grounding pleasure subsided.  The feeling of being in higher levels of vibration did not, but I think this shows my levels of vibration over all have risen and therefore more ‘normalized’.  I now feel more normal in these frequencies and so the feeling of ‘being high’ has dissipated.

Instead, my normal levels of self are just plain higher than ever and the lows that were once ‘normal’ don’t occur anymore.


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