The Opening and the Clearing: Part One – The Beginning

automatic-writingThere’s been a few people ask me to talk about my journey with the automatic writing, so I’d like to do that now.  It began back in mid-February 2014, when I kept getting the thought repeatedly to begin automatic writing.

I spent nearly a week with this thought cropping up over and over throughout the day and night.  It was almost nagging me, though I didn’t feel any irritation, only confused as to what that was about.

This is because I’ve not done automatic writing, nor did I have any idea how to go about it.  Where was this idea coming from and why was it repeating itself all the time?

As I related in My Introduction to Automatic Writinganother post I put up on this blog back in April, I thought to myself, why bother?  I’ve long been aware of being a ‘channel’ for information to come through.  More than 35 years of doing tarot and ‘psychic’ readings have trained me pretty well to simply open my mouth and let the information out for the person asking for it.

If this isn’t a form of channeling, I don’t know what is.

Mostly what this entails is getting out of the way with what you know, or think you know, and just letting information stream through and be said.  The more one practices this and the more trust is built, the more amazing and accurate the messages are.  So, one could say that I’ve had plenty of practice on some level with this over the years.

This getting out of the way is much easier when it is for someone who I don’t know and who I couldn’t possibly have any information about at all.  This is the proving ground for how well this works, because without any access to any information at all about someone, if one can truly step aside and allow information to roll out, it will.  It will, and its astounding how accurate it is.

The problem comes when one is trying to access their own information in this manner.  It can be very hard to get out of the way and just allow the information to come through without getting highjacked by doubt.

When doing this for someone else, and you know nothing about them or their situation, rattling on without getting in the way is like talking about what you know nothing about, but this is ok.  The person listening (amazingly and impossibly) does know what is being referred to.

When doing this for oneself, I’ve not found it to be very workable.  Is this wishful thinking?  Is this negative thinking and fear?  Oh, brother!  I gave this up a long time ago for just surrendering to the now and allowing for life to unfold as it does.

S0, I thought, why should I do this automatic writing?  Who am I doing it for?  For what purpose will it be worth my while to spend time doing it?

I’m thinking to myself that I’m not interested in being a channel.  For one thing, I think there’s got to be a tremendous amount of pressure on those people who are good at it and have a following.

People like Linda Dillon and Suzanne Lie get a standing ovation from me because of the service they provide and the modeling they do for the rest of us, but I don’t envy the pressure and I don’t see myself as being so dedicated as they are in terms of being the telephone line between dimensions.

(On another level, isn’t this what I’ve been doing all along anyway?  Which gives a hint on what resistance is and isn’t about, now doesn’t it?  In other words, it isn’t about being a channel, it’s about owning up to it.)

So, the whole idea was one that I had more than a little resistance too.  At first, I just laughed it off, and shook my head like, what was I thinking?…

Well, it wouldn’t go away, so I had to deal with it.

(Continued in Part Two.)


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