Aster: We Are Not Linear

A StarThursday, August 28, 2014

Hello, Aster.  What have you to share with me today?

Aster:  I bring the news of wonder of you for your consideration.  Do you not find it disconcerting that you and I are talking, and yet you and I are One and the same?

Indeed, I do!  And yet this is a conversation I feel I’ve been waiting for for all of my life almost.  However it happens or whatever it takes for this connection to be restored, no matter how disconcerting or crazy it may seem, I’m all for it.

Aster:  And so then, we begin.  Though this is not the beginning.  There are many paradoxes in this.  Who I am, and who you are also isn’t exactly an “I”, it’s a “We”.  At the same time, we are One.  This is the sort of paradox that isn’t going to fit well into linear thinking and being.

The truth is that we are Not linear.  We are not formed in a fashion that makes it possible to BE in any realistic way limited to such a ‘box’.  The essence of what we are is actually formless, and yet the essence of what we are is so powerfully creative that we are creating form by our beingness.

Allow for these paradoxes to be in your awareness without trying to stuff them into a box of linear or ‘straight-line’ thinking or concepts.  All such concepts are limiting and the very nature of them is unreal and untrue. Continue reading


It’s All About Gratitude

grateful eyesFor me, it’s all about gratitude.  This has been, and continues to be, the magic key for me in all ways in my life.

I’m only now, in my 50’s, coming into understanding of what love is.  The love my parents taught me was more about power than love really.

Love was a lever to get the upper hand, and a prize you would get if you towed the line.  It’s how they were trained too, and in their view it was how to train the little animal to be a human.  It’s what you did with your children if you cared enough to pay attention to them.

Of course they loved me, and they did this in the very best way they knew how.  If I ever thought anything else (and I did), I’ve forgiven them and myself for it.

The truth is that we’re all doing the best we can all the time.  I can hear the groans out there, because they’re in here too, but this is the truth of it.

I can look at this from the perspective of understanding the best I could do in my past was pretty weak, and yes, it was petty plenty of times.  I was petty, weak, destructive (particularly to self), and worst of all, unloving and unappreciative in general.  Under the spell of such an attitude, all the obvious and consistent worldly and spiritual blessings of every moment went unnoticed. Continue reading

Attitude Adjustment and Teamwork With the Body

love the bodyThose of us who consider ourselves Lightworkers and path-cutters are perhaps experiencing the brunt of the pressure in this current phase of integrating the energetic changes.  If one imagines us as the ‘tip of the spear’ in terms of pioneering this effort to embody the increasing light streaming at us these days, it’s easy to understand why this is so.

Though some of this pressure is expressed in emotional and spiritual challenges, a great deal of it is being expressed as deeply physical for a lot of us.

The automatic writing I’ve been engaged in since last February has repeatedly been about my neglect, inattention and dishonoring in thought and attitude my body elemental/avatar.   These messages coming from my body have been swept aside over and over until I’ve finally realized that this is the source of quite a few of my ‘ascension symptoms’.

With this realization, I’ve been rearranging my priorities in some basic and very down-to-earth ways.  I’m finding I absolutely have to pay more attention to my body and my physical well-being.  It’s no longer possible to put this aside, or I risk not be able to function at minimal capacity, much less the enhanced capacity I would wish for. Continue reading

The Opening and the Clearing: Part Three – Feeling High

blissIn those first sessions, the levels of energy were so high, I literally felt high and full to the brim with bliss.  It was difficult to stay grounded enough for knowing what questions to put forward.  It felt a lot like a see-saw effect, with my awareness rising and dipping again throughout the process.

Another interesting thing that happened was a feeling of ‘presence’ approaching that let me know there was a session coming on.  On the approach of the presence, there was a feeling of strong vibration and the closer it got to me, the more blissful it got.  I’m not talking about only spiritual bliss here either, what I’m talking about was intensely physical as well.

I’d have to say the closest thing to describing it is the onset of a physical climax, only this vibration is more seamless and smooth somehow, less like ripping and tearing away of inhibitions.  There was still a hint of embarrassment with this process though, some pink cheeks and some sighing too, no doubt remnants of sexual programming going out the window.

I think this is worthy of mentioning because from the realm of ‘normal’ awareness, this is stretching of vibrational beingness and it is experienced as extreme pleasure.  Since there’s few things that can be as powerfully blissful as orgasm, then there’s bound to be some confusion when first feeling this. Continue reading

Aster is Her Name: Me Meeting Me

me meeting me 2Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It’s been 9 days since I’ve opened the space formally to commune with the group that attends me with automatic writing.  In the interim, there’s been another download and what seems like ‘an old friend’ come to hang around and attempt to start conversations several times a day.  Is this coming from one in this group?  If so, then can this one come forward and give their ‘identity?

I am Aster (pronounced like ‘a star’) and I’m not coming to you so much as you are coming from me.  We are of the same essence and of the same identity as well.

I remember you from both dreams and visions, also in certain meditations.  How do you relate to me?  Can you be clear on what you mean by what you just said?

Aster:  What I mean is that we are One, we are like fingers on the same hand.  We are of the same breeze that blows through the valley of your soul.  You are a part of me.  By part, I mean a fraction of my wholeness.  But I don’t mean a fragment of my wholeness, as you are in fact whole unto yourself.  You are, however, a part of me.

Wow. Then this is a conversation with a greater part of myself?

Aster: So long as greater means a broader and more expansive self, and not greater in terms of value, than yes, this is so. Continue reading

The Sun Speaks of Photons, Light, and Angelic Energies

sun's raysSunday, August 10, 2014

Hello to the assembled ones here attending me.  If I’ve understood correctly what I’ve been given in these sessions of automatic writing so far, this large gathering with me is one that attends not only myself, but others as well.  In the words I’ve been told over and over, WE are One.

Even so, I’d prefer it if you’d come forward in a way that allows for me to have some notion who I’m talking with.  This makes it easier to establish some trust and some way for me to know you or a portion of you.  Heh, yea, this can be a bit confusing from my perspective, so who wishes to come forward at this time?

And how odd that I’m feeling almost a bit of stage fright here.  This also isn’t the first time lately I’ve had this feeling concerning another situation.

So, may we begin?  Who will come forward to speak with me?

Sun speaks: I will come.  I AM here among the many and yet we are all the ONE.  You may call me by the name of antiquity if you wish or by a name of intimacy, as you please.  In antiquity, I AM called Ram, and I AM called the Child of the Sun, and I AM called the Sun God, and I AM called the charioteer of the physical Sun. Continue reading

The Opening and the Clearing: Part Two – OK, I’ll Do It!

keyboard(Continued from Part One.)

I finally caved in to the litany of random thoughts that just kept after me for a week or so to do this automatic writing,  If nothing else happened except to make this outlandish idea stop rolling through my head all the time than that would be good and life would go on as normal.

I had to first go to a friend who I know who does automatic writing and ask her about how it’s done.  Since I’d never had any interest in it, I had absolutely no idea.

She gave me some ideas on how she did it and I did a bit of research about how some others do it as well.  It seems that pencil or pen and paper is the traditional way for this to be done.  Could it be done by laptop and keyboard?  She didn’t know, but for her it was pen and paper.

After some consideration, I decided that the keyboard was the best way for me to proceed.  Pen and paper is too slow and to cumbersome for my thought processes and my typing skills are such that, for me, this is a better choice.  For me, the pen and paper method would be too distracting.  I’m not sure this is clear, but this is the way I felt about it and so this is how I proceeded. Continue reading