Day Thirty-One: A Broader View of Who We Are

embodying the spiral force of lifeFriday, July 25, 2014

I woke this morning to another big rush of Love and Bliss energy which left me vibrating for a long time. It’s been a while since this has happened, but I’m riding this wave of gratitude right now, and I feel like this is part of the reason.

On-aira: Blessings flow along the lines of gratitude, as this holy attribute is in far greater alignment with the Real than what most humans would view as ‘normal’ states of consciousness. States of consciousness which are not in alignment with gratitude are mighty blockades to potentials of manifestation which are of the greater good as well.

Nevertheless, the contrast is allowed. Why is this? You would ask this, and we will answer with the same answer we have already given concerning contrast. Contrast exists in order for the awareness to come to realization and a far deeper understanding of the All-That-Is.

It’s a part of the exploration of possibilities. All possibilities are there for the choosing, none are inherently wrong, only some are out of alignment with LIFE. We say this to point out how those ways that are chosen that aren’t in alignment with the true nature of Everything that exists show, in contrast, in pain, in discomfort, in the way of dissonance, how what is in alignment is, what it is, and also why it is. Continue reading


Day Thirty: Model Knowing and Release Linear Thought

dissolving linear thoughtMonday, July 14, 2014

Hello, On-aira, and also to all those who are with you in this gathering. I feel them there and I think there’s more to come with some of the group there with these conversations. I’d also like to talk more about information ‘gathering’, and your comments about how this won’t be necessary going forward.

On-aira: We welcome you, and this welcome extends to you from all in this gathering. There are many here, we watch, we sing, we attend you all the time. It is with joy that we join you in these conversations. Though there is a style or a certain character to what I/we, and my/our elemental nature bring to these meetings, there is also a ‘portion’ of the rest of the group which comes through as well. We are One.

In this same way, you are also One with us, though you have yet to truly understand this and integrate this into your consciousness, at least not in a waking state. The dream states you have are much closer to this integration, and yet there is still some ways to go until you are capable of ‘holding’ or containing this much broader of a perception. All will come in time. And the time for this is swiftly approaching as well. Continue reading

Day Twenty-Nine: Alignments Happen in Resting Times

nappingTues., Jul. 8, 2014

Hello, again, On-aira. I’ve been taking your advice and spending as much time resting as I feel like, without fighting it like I used to. It’s simply incredible how much time that amounts to. I literally have to have a nap of a couple of hours on most days if I do this. It seems excessive, but I do have to admit I feel much better and it’s increased my focus and my general sense of well-being too.

On-aira: Indeed. We would say this is in alignment with the thought that the current energetics entering the field of humanity at this time is increasing the levels of stress and testing the endurance of most beings in human form at this time.

It is not being experienced the same for all beings, but for many there is an increase in the need for resting, relaxing and sleeping. Much depends on the individual, of course, as there are as many levels of individual stressors as there are individual beings. Still, it is safe to say there are many which now require more rest than ever before to function at what they would feel as peak performance. Continue reading