Day Twenty-Eight: Intensity and Earthquake

earthquakeMon., Jun. 30, 2014

My plan to meet with you a couple of days ago for the transmission of information was waylaid by a terrific mood swing and the last couple of days have been, well, horrific. Highly emotional and irrational, and it took me a while of wallowing in it to trace the deep and primal traumatic stuff inside that was coming back to express itself again.

Right on the tail-end of this episode, there was an earthquake nearly right underneath my feet. A 5.2 within 50 miles. After this happened, the high drama dissipated very quickly.

On-aira, can you comment on this experience from your view?

On-aira: Yes, we can comment, and of course, this comment would have to be from our view. We say our view is one that’s broader than yours is at this time, and yet, there are views that are broader still. The understanding that goes along with any viewpoint is going to be in accordance with how broad it is, and this is the journey of consciousness. Continue reading


Day Twenty-Seven: Choices, Creation, and the Necessity of Contrast

contrastFri., Jun. 20, 2014

Hello again, On-aira. It’s been a week now since our session for the 40 day agreement between us. In between, we’ve done a couple of private Q&A sessions for others. I enjoyed doing this and it seemed like you did too. Can you comment on this?

On-aira: What we enjoy is the open channel for sharing our view of the field of potential as this is a wonderful way to encourage the shift of perception for whomever is willing to listen and take a look for themselves.

Oftentimes, this shift in attention is all that’s needed in order to change the trajectory of potential trends. As a long time student of the divinatory arts, you are well aware of this, we know. Trends in potentials are there primarily due to the Attention and Focus of the person involved. This is so simple, and yet, the human being loves to embellish, do they not? Continue reading

Day Twenty-Six: On Perceiving Vibrational Frequencies

perceiving frequenciesFri., June 13, 2014

Hello and here I am. I’ve noticed there are conversations with you now when I’m not here at my computer tuning in. Too bad because now I can’t recall what they were about. Is this going to continue?

On-aia: Hello again. We would say this is good that you’re now noticing the difference in the common chatter going on in your mental field and the conversations and communion between us.

It feels different and has a different character to it. I feel the vibrations and I guess I could say it is like a signature. You’ve mentioned this before and now I understand what you mean.

On-aira: The way forward for you and all human kind is going to be all about discerning vibrational frequency. This is going to be a continuing challenge and the challenges are going to escalate until all know how to do this. Continue reading

Day Twenty-Five: A Sense of Ease

flow and easeSat., Jun. 7, 2014

Hello, On-aira. It’s been a busy week. I started a new task and it’s been keeping me engaged. Just like you’ve suggested a few messages ago, it’s a good thing that I’ve stopped running out my energy just because I happen to have some on reserve.

It’s all a different feeling to how my day and how my energy levels are now. Also of note is the time being a rubber band factor. There doesn’t seem to be any consistent time passage, and this is another round of this. I first started noticing it way back in 2011.

On-aira: We knew there was something coming up, it showed in the realm of probabilities. There was also the measure of desire on your part to partake in a task that challenged you and provided for you to [the opportunity to] hone skills. We know your desire for work that is play. It delights us you have this in your now for satisfaction. Continue reading

Day Twenty-Four: Transmutations of the Body and Clarification of the Mission

tranmuteSun., Jun. 1, 2014

Hello, On-aira. I’m feeling much more relaxed everyday now. Is this going to continue? The underlying (though very subtle) anxiety is gone now.

On-aira: This was one of the adjustments we were sent to address. The subtle variation in frequency, this removal of the constant drain on your energetic recourses is a crucial step in going forward.

Without this foundation shift, the increasing pressure to ‘walk the line’ in the narrow passage forward would be too difficult for you at the stage of development you’re currently in. Continue reading