Day Twenty-Three: Finding a Balance of Doing and Being

being and doingMay 29, 2014

I can’t believe it’s been eight days since we last made contact. These days have been so refreshingly peaceful and devoid of the usual drive and pressure to ‘do’. I feel really good and generally balanced. Do you have any comments on this to share with me now?

On-aira: We are glad to be here with you now and share our view of this experience. We perceive that you are hitting a sort of plateau in your journey, and this is the result of taking some time to allow for integration to settle into your personal space much more deeply. Continue reading


A Peaceful Feeling All This Week Long

peaceful feelingFor any who’ve been following the 40 days of messages in automatic writing I’ve been doing, this last 6 days have been deeply peaceful.

I come to my keyboard each day and make a try for a few minutes to connect into the next message.  Instead of getting one, I’ve simply been experiencing a deep peacefulness, a quiet contentment.  There’s nothing to ask, and there’s nothing to yearn for.  There is only a balanced place of no longing, of nothing to worry about. Continue reading

Day Twenty-Two: Expansion and Contraction

contraction and expansionTue., May 20, 2014

On-aira, can we again have some more information from the body today? A friend has asked if all the cleansing and purging going on is going to continue and for how long? Can the body comment on how much longer we have to endure this before we can continue on without the pressure, in a happier way in the now.

On-aira: We attend you, and are glad to provide support for the conversation with the body elemental to continue in this now.

Body: Relax. This is the first step in our communing together, as anxiety and rush is resistance. This resistance is held in the body, sometimes in levels so deep that it constricts the internal organs and interferes with healthy functioning.

Certainly it interferes with the freedom of movement in the energetic signals that travel the great highways in the body. The networks are suppressed and eventually damaged by such continual squeezing and contracting. Continue reading

Day Twenty-One: The Body Speaks

when the body speaksMon., May 19, 2014

With all the talk about the body being an integral part of the process in ascension and in the decoding of all the intense downloads of the last couple of years I’ve had, I’d like to invite here a conversation with my body. Is this possible and will this translate to a written page in ways that can help to bring this to my awareness?

On-aira: Yes! We would encourage such a communion, and we can and will provide a conduit, a portal, if you will, to facilitate this. There is a level of translation that needs to be considered, and as we are the elemental facilitators of air, of invisible energies relating to the mental and ‘conscious’ thought processes, this is among our devoted and loving duties. We would love to attend you with this, and we are thrilled to do so. Continue reading

Day Twenty: What’s Unfolding Now

sacred geometry in the bodyWed., May 14, 2014

After a couple of days of intensely physical things going on, I’m finally feeling better enough to manage a level of energy for this communion again. Rather than pick a specific subject to talk about, I’d like it if you’d speak about what you feel is the most important information to share in this moment. If this information is useful to more than just me, then all the better.

On-aira: We attend you again in love. Where we would like to go with this conversation is into what is the portal of manifestation of probabilities. There’s a shift that needs to happen in the understanding of this for not only yourself, but for most of those you associate with as well. Continue reading

Day Nineteen: Containing Light as Information

see the lightSat., May 10, 2014

Hi, I’m back again to commune with you, On-aira. I guess it could be also said this is me communing with myself. What are your comments on this topic? Would it be correct to say this is a conversation I’m having with my higher self?

On-aira:  Hello, again, beloved. Your question is a good one at this time, for you are considering the expansions in awareness that are just beginning to unfurl in you. To unwrap this package will take some peeling of layers of meaning, so if you will bear with us, we will begin to assist your blossoming understanding. Continue reading

Day Eighteen: The Physical Nature of Ascension

steps of ascensionThurs., May 8, 2014

Hello again, On-aira.  Yesterday was another day of intensely physical adjustments, it felt like.  It was, once again, all I could do to get through the day.  I felt the need to take another day to rest and be with my body without pushing myself to do the ‘ought to’ list.

On-aira:  We are here and attend you ‘out of time’, so this is without pressure and without judgment.  It doesn’t affect the nature of this building of the relations between us, for there to be space between what you perceive as of days passing.  Only the intent to continue to deepen this association is important, and this is your choice. Continue reading