Day Twelve: Relentless Pressure on That Which is Mis-aligned With Divine Principles

amid rushing water with baggageMon., April 28, 2014

Wow! What a difference the time of day for coming here seems to make! The levels of energy in this meeting is amazing and the connection is much stronger. I come to attend you, as you’ve been telling me.

On-aira:  We are here attending you as well. We note that your sense of humor and general sense of well-being is enhanced today and we would consider this a good thing. It’s telling, in that this is a sign of having a higher level of vibration in general.

The theme of the last few days has been your service to others and this has been stressful on a physical and emotional level. There’s also the need to pay attention to the body and how much energy she has to perform on any given day, or for any given task. Continue reading


Day Eleven: Energy Level Depleted

balloon with the air outSat., April 26, 2014

Today is day eleven. It’s been a really busy day for me and I’m tired. Here I am as agreed though, and would be glad to receive whatever there is you have to share with me, On-aira.

I’m finding it difficult to settle down. Maybe because I’m tired and I’m having some trouble with allergies. Should I come back later?

We are here to attend you. Your energy levels are lower than normal as the stress is high in the body today. Clearer signals and translations happen when there’s less stress in the body. Continue reading

Day Ten: On Emotional Expansion and Blessing the Waters

water is loveFri., April 25, 2014

This is day ten of our forty days of meetings. Yesterday I showed up and there was nothing. After sitting and waiting for a while, I got the message to come back today after a day of integration.

On-aira:  A day of integration was needed for you to have the space for letting what’s been given so far to settle. We wouldn’t push too hard, or too fast, or push at all for this to happen. It’s happening on many different levels as well. Not all of these levels, or you could also say dimensions, are within the realm of what you have the senses, or should we say, the expansion (of awareness) to experience yet.

This doesn’t mean you aren’t getting the benefits from it. You are getting benefits, and through beginning to notice what these changes are, you will begin to become aware of shifting throughout your fabric of reality. You may not notice the cause, but you will definitely notice the effect! Continue reading

Day Eight: Continuation, Generation, and the Light as the Foundational Path

growing grassWed., April 23, 2014

Welcome, On-aira. It’s day eight and we meet again.

I came to meet you and had a stream of consciousness that was amazingly lucid. I saw and felt as if there was green grass flowing, rippling and bursting from the ground beneath my feet and before me. Not only this, but at the same time, I perceived it to be it’s entire life cycle all at once.

All of a sudden I totally get how all things are a continuation of the same being from generation to generation. When I remove the perception of death and the concept of an ending, and can perceive the continuation, adding time as one of the elements, it’s clear that this is so. I’ve never noted this before. Incredible! Continue reading

Day Seven: Inside the Pulse of the Heart

inside the heartTues., April 22, 2014

Here we are on day seven of our 40 days of meetings.  Dear On-aira, what will we talk of today and where will we go together?

Here I am to attend you, and we are together as one in this moment of now.  Where will we go you ask, and yet we know you noticed the rhythmic swaying before this meeting began.

Yes, it was like a heartbeat.  I could feel and hear it, as well as seeing the fabric of this space subtly expanding and contracting in rhythm.  I thought it was like being in the interior of my own heart.  How extraordinary! Continue reading

Day Six: Energies of Light and Love Enliven All Kingdoms Now

awakening through devic kingdomsMon., April 21, 2014

Day six of these meetings has come really quickly, it feels like to me. Meeting with a spokesperson of the air element is also truly amazing. I’ve been thinking about what’s been percolating away in myself about our recent conversations, On-aira. I have some clarifying questions I wish to ask today.

On-aira: We come forward to answer them. We support you and would encourage your desire to know. Your curiosity is a Holy attribute, one that will continue to expand your access to knowledge and to enhance your experiences.

I want to know what the nature of these conversations really are. I feel like it has something to do with the massive downloads I’ve been receiving since the 2012 Sedona conference and even before that. Continue reading