Through the Passage

immigrationYesterday morning, my husband and I went to an interview with the US visa office.  This interview was the last phase of the passage through the keyhole of this process to get my husband documented and approved for permanent residency here in the US and permission to legally work here.

The worst part of this was the waiting for the interview.  This interview itself lasted about 20 minutes, no muss, no fuss.  All the anxiety about it was truly unnecessary, as the woman who interviewed was professional, nice, and really helpful.

We are now just waiting for the green card to replace the temporary work authorization card we’ve already been issued.  In the meantime, working, moving, or even traveling back to see family in Canada is all approved and legal. Continue reading


On Prosperity, Lack, and Perspective

pot of goldLike everyone I know, I’ve given a lot of attention and thought to prosperity.  With the talk of revaluing currency, the global reset, and the continuing needs of Lightworkers, there’s a lot to think about.

My own life experience has been all over the place with this issue.  I’ve been at both ends of this scale over the last 55 years, from in the place of having more than I needed to being homeless and having nothing at all.  There were lessons to learn from both perspectives.  There was also moments of struggle and great beauty as well.

If I were to be asked to choose which of these extremes I got the most value out of, I would have to say that being on the slim end of the financial stick was where I gleaned the most value.  That’s because the most poignant and gorgeously stunning realizations about what’s truly valuable came to me during the most challenging of situations.

These realizations of what has value to me and what is really important in my world are treasures that no amount of money can buy.  I’m not saying that one must be dirt poor to have these sorts of revelations, but for me, this is how it played out, and as usual, it did so in the most extreme and dramatic fashion. Continue reading