Visa Process Update

immigrationHere’s the short report on where we are at with the visa process.

We have an appointment for an interview on Monday, the 3rd of March so they can determine whether or not we’re a couple.  So far as I know this is the finale phase of this and they will take as long as they do to approve or not approve our application for him to reside in the US as my spouse.

Today, the mailbox delivered a temporary work authorization for him, which also includes the ability to visit his family in Canada, because it’s a permit to travel internationally and return to the US.

For the rest of it, we are still waiting for the red tape to roll out in the way it does, but this is great news!

We were thinking along the lines of having to wait at least another 3 to 5 weeks for this authorization to work.  This is wonderful surprise and a fantastic boost for us.  Thank you to all who have prayed for us and all the help we’ve received.

This means there may only be another few weeks until we are back in the swing of things and able to support ourselves without the risk of him being deported and us being separated.  Exactly how long we won’t know until we have a chance to talk to the official at the interview, as we may still have to wait for some paperwork to be processed or delivered before we can head off to our chosen destination for building our new lives.


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