Visa Process Update

immigrationHere’s the short report on where we are at with the visa process.

We have an appointment for an interview on Monday, the 3rd of March so they can determine whether or not we’re a couple.  So far as I know this is the finale phase of this and they will take as long as they do to approve or not approve our application for him to reside in the US as my spouse.

Today, the mailbox delivered a temporary work authorization for him, which also includes the ability to visit his family in Canada, because it’s a permit to travel internationally and return to the US.

For the rest of it, we are still waiting for the red tape to roll out in the way it does, but this is great news! Continue reading


The World Needs You Now

rachel_snyderRachel is a fearless poet who has her own blog, “BE WHOLE NOW, Intelligent Inspiration for Evolving Humans”.  She writes about consciousness and courage, with the intent to inspire. 

This piece below is talking about us and where we are right here and now.  Thanks, Rachel, for this beautiful share.  With these sentiments, I completely agree.

Please visit her blog for the audio version. Continue reading

Merging With the Oversoul

hhENERGYGOLDENFIGUREWhen I say this year has been one of new horizons, I’m not only talking about the issues I’ve been dealing with to get my husband a visa to live with me in the US.  I’m not even talking about the massive amount of unveiling going on in the news worldwide about corruption and down and dirty deeds being uncovered.

I’m talking about the internal horizons that have opened up for me.  This isn’t the same landscape I was so familiar with three years ago when I started this journey with the Golden Age of Gaia discussion forum and my association with Steve Beckow’s beautiful blog.  It isn’t even the same terrain that I knew from three months ago.

I’ve been staying quiet, just struggling to integrate what’s going on.  A part of me has been frustrated that there seemed to be no way to share it.  Even now, to give a play-by-play would take a book, and I already know this is a book I’m not going to write. Continue reading

New Vistas are Here Now

I’ve been aching to share what’s been going on with me for some time now.  Each time I’ve sat down at the keyboard to try it, there’s been this problem of not being able to communicate.

This has been so frustrating to me.  I’ve been feeling bereft even, as if I were someone who was a good dancer and all of a sudden can’t dance a lick.

Without wanting to sound like I’m trying to toot my own horn here, I need to share this experience I’m having, and the way that I’m having it.

My intelligence has been upgraded somehow in these last couple of months.  I don’t mean only my mental intelligence either, I mean my Intelligence overall.  Much of it is emotional and even more of it is intuitive, delivering absolutely stunning insights into my conscious awareness.  Even my body is speaking to me and imparting some crazy intense and extremely deep wisdom. Continue reading