On Moving into Unfamiliar Territory

thank you spiralFor those who’ve been interesting in my husband, George, and my journey in the last few months since our problem with immigration issues, it’s time to give you an update.

It’s still amazing to me how many have shown interest.  In fact, we’re still reeling a bit even after the months that have passed since last October when this passage into uncharted waters started for us.  To all of you mighty lovers who’ve cared, who’ve sent loving, supportive emails and prayers, who’ve offered money and shelter, we love you and thank you again.

Allow me to give the shortest version of what’s happened so far.  Please forgive the absence of details as I wish only to update and not to write a book here.

We’ve been living for nearly 10 years in a semi-truck my husband drove for a company in his native country, Canada.  He drove across the border into the US each week to a US destination and back again to get another load to bring to the US again.  This made it possible for us to live together as I’m a US citizen, and have been refused entry into Canada.

In October, the border official told my husband he might be stopped from coming into the US, either for 5 years or even permanently!  We were unaware of this possibility until this happened and it was a shocking wake up call.

We hired an attorney right away and it was decided the best and safest course of action was for George to stay in the US and wait out the time it takes to finish with the application for a marriage visa.  What this has worked out to is the two of us being together here in the US, while my husband, the bread-winner, being unable to work legally.

Thanks to the people who have gifted us with money to help us with this, we’ve been able to pay the fees for the attorney, pay the fees for the visa protocol, and pay our bills since October.  We owe special thanks and love to Margie Laflin, who opened her home and her life to us, sharing with us her space without the need for us to pay rent.

We’ve gone through the initial filing, the medical examination, the Government fingerprinting, and now are waiting for the interview with the authorities to determine whether or not we are actually a couple or not.  Since the fingerprinting was done only a few days ago, it’s likely to take another month before the interview is scheduled.  After that, there may be another month or more until we even know what the determination is.

I can’t even properly describe how intensely grateful and how blown away we are about the generosity of those who’ve given us nearly $5, 000 since this journey into uncharted waters started for us.  It’s been a challenge to stay in the now and understand that the resources we need have been taken care of so far, and that there’s been no evidence that we aren’t being supported by the Universe.  The fact that the money has been there to do all of what we needed without the job is amazing and even though the money we had in the bank and the money given is now almost gone, it’s still amazing and it’s still incredible.

I’ll be writing another article soon to explore some of what this experience has been like.  For now, I just wanted to share an update and thank again all those who care about us and our welfare.  I love you.


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