The Human Side of Ascension

pride shieldI’ve recently been sharing my journey concerning the turn my life’s been taking.  The immigration issue and the issue of resources have been the triggers for me to go much deeper below the surface, beyond the superficiality of it all.  By this I mean the superficial understanding of all this fear over the task of asking.

On the face of it, it’s been looking like the same old story, and it’s a story we all share in at some level or another.  In fact, on a surface level, it IS the same old story.  It’s a story so old and moldy, this fear aspect, so ancient and primal, that it would be easy enough to ignore what lurks beneath it.  After all, it’s just human, isn’t it? Continue reading


On the Struggle for Mastery and Radical Trust

immigrationIn the last few days of September of 2013 my life was upended.  My husband had to quit his job, either that or risk us being separated, perhaps permanently.  Those who have gone through this threat to themselves and their relations know just how crazy this is and how stressful this process is of dealing with the virtual boundaries of countries and the laws which artificially separate us.

We’ve been supported by this community of Lightworkers in this highly threatening and emotional adventure.  The support has been so extreme as to include not only the financial help to pay all the fees, but also the radical trust of someone who knows us only through the internet to act as his sponsor into the US, since I don’t have the job and financial history to do this legally. Continue reading

On Moving into Unfamiliar Territory

thank you spiralFor those who’ve been interesting in my husband, George, and my journey in the last few months since our problem with immigration issues, it’s time to give you an update.

It’s still amazing to me how many have shown interest.  In fact, we’re still reeling a bit even after the months that have passed since last October when this passage into uncharted waters started for us.  To all of you mighty lovers who’ve cared, who’ve sent loving, supportive emails and prayers, who’ve offered money and shelter, we love you and thank you again.

Allow me to give the shortest version of what’s happened so far.  Please forgive the absence of details as I wish only to update and not to write a book here. Continue reading

Quiet Times and Intimacy with an Angel

aamThe last couple of months have been quiet times for me for the most part.  I’ve been wondering where my juice has gone for doing, but the truth is that it’s gone inside and somehow this seems right in the snowy northern mid-west of the US where I am situated now (for the time being).

For someone who usually has a lot to say this has been somewhat of a puzzle, this introverted and introspective period.  For someone who is managing a forum with 1,400 (or so) members, this doesn’t translate so well either, but then sitting at the keyboard lately has had me observing my energy just disappear before I can type out anything to share.

On the other hand, my creativity is high, my gratitude is higher than ever, and my spiritual guidance is more direct than I’ve ever experienced before.  In fact, I never thought it to be so very direct, so very personal, so deeply moving, or so incredible. Continue reading