Listening and the Beauty of the Response

deep conversationI read this post at the Golden Age of Gaia earlier today, “A Contribution to New Spiritual Partners – 1 by Steve Beckow. (1)

It started me thinking about my relations with the many friends and mentors in my life.  I wandered through those precious memories for many hours today and feel like sharing my own experience on spiritual and sacred partnerships.

What Steve is talking about here is listening.  Some might say that this is a lost art and I would agree that most of us could use an upgrade in this crucial skill.  Perhaps so much so that one could mention it all by itself and not include what I would consider to be its inseparable counterpart, the give and take of conversing, of conversation. Continue reading


More and Deeper

deeperI feel called to speak to what is happening in relations right now in terms of energies.  Whether this is a global phenomena or not, I can’t speak to that, but only what I am myself being witness to and also a part of.

I’ve been watching and also participating in the deepening of relations between people.  When I say deepening or deeper, like the subject line to this post, what I mean is that the surface seems to be ‘breaking up’ and there seems to me to be all manner of deep issues that are surfacing.

Not only are they surfacing, but the degree of awareness about them is what is both amazing and also challenging. Continue reading