Being in the Now

It’s been a good while since I’ve posted anything here.  The reason is both simple and complex.

The simple version is that I’ve been uber busy with life.  Every day seems to be full and more full of tasks to do and to be completed, and it also seems like more gets done each day than anytime I can recall.

Time has flown past with the most amazing speed.  The entire experience of time is not even familiar to how I’ve been accustomed to knowing it for my lifetime.

My spouse and I have been immersed in the process of filing out visa forms and sorting out the storage items we haven’t seen in many years.  I feel like I’ve been pulled through an eye of a needle from the present to the past and back again repeatedly.

The good part about this is how it’s clarified for me what I will leave behind and what I will bring with me into what follows.  There is little desire to bring the past with me now, or to hold much from the past, either in the physical, or in the memories, or in the cells of my body, for that matter.

My attention and what I care about has shifted dramatically in the last couple of years.  All this has really been made perfectly clear with these ‘mundane’ tasks going on for the last three weeks.

Most all the energies in my present desires are about bonding with others and pursuing creative and fun tasks.  For me, this has meant a whole lot of joy being in the kitchen because I do love to cook.

Mostly it’s been about being present in the now.  Being present to my relations, to my tasks at hand, to myself and what matters to me.  I think that now that the visa is on its way to being done and the sorting tasks are done, there will be more time to spend writing again, but we will see how this plays out.

Much love to all of you,



Time to Step It Up

Barry Kapp (at, a close friend and a fellow co-owner at the Golden Age of Gaia discussion forum) sent me this newsletter from Michelle Manders last night with some comments about how this is what he is also hearing about from many sources.  I have to say this is also consistent with what I hear and see going on around me as well.  Not so much in my inner circle, just what I’m observing outside of it.

It seems to me like those of us who’ve been paying close attention to aligning with Gaia and the Divine Mother, and also have practiced setting firm boundaries (as suggested below) are truly being highly and divinely protected.  I know we are over here in my circle and none of the chaos seems to be able to penetrate at all.  It is like being in the eye of the storm.  I highly recommend it.
On we go…
PS.  As usual, discernment is so important now.  For me this means (in its simplest form), if it feels wrong, there is something wrong with it, even if I have no idea what it is, as is often the case…

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What About Stuff?

movingI’ve not been online much for the last week or so because I’ve been busy moving.  Packing personal and household stuff to take from one place to another is always an interesting exercise in the ‘what about stuff?’ zone.

Living a lifestyle which is primarily mobile isn’t the same as living one where one is grounded to a piece of landscape.  Even counting the storage space which was really already packed for the most part, there wasn’t all that much packing to do.  Still, it was enough to fill a 14 ft. rental trailer and a fairly big 4 Runner Toyota completely.

Thank goodness for a space to put it all on the far end, but ‘what about stuff?’ is the question of the week for me.

The stuff in storage, for the most part, is a collection of articles I haven’t even laid eyes on for more than a moment for the last four years.  I’ve had the chance to take a peek inside all the containers in the last week, but still haven’t gotten to sort out the details of each of them. Continue reading