Resets, Revals and Wish Lists

Wish ListIt’s been an interesting couple of days since my last post.  Here I am again to give a little peek at what it’s like from here where I am.

The edge of the seat and by the skin of the teeth feeling I’ve been having is also near the top of the list with many others I’ve talked to.  The finger I try to keep on the pulse of the ‘group mind’ is pulsating along with very similar experiences being reported.

So it isn’t just me with this feeling of tension without any central cause to point at.  Like a bottle that has something in it, we may paste a label on the outside of it and that doesn’t mean we know what’s in it.  Maybe we do and maybe we don’t, but a scrawl on a label isn’t a guarantee either way.

A huge amount of conjecture is going on behind the scenes on many fronts about the coming equinox.  Since the equinox is, (from our sector in space here on Earth), an actual natural marker of time and space, a solar calendar marker; And since the evidence is getting clearer and clearer that the energies coming from our Sun at this time are the carriers of proton ‘packets’ filled with encoded information, it makes sense to me that this equinox will in some way bring some milestone event or something remarkable.  In my opinion, it’s on me to decode what this is all about when it happens.

Like a birthday gift that hasn’t arrived yet, I don’t expect to be unwrapping that package before it gets here.  Of course, just like I was when I was still a wee one, I am hoping the gift (if I get one, and it does arrive, and if I live ’til then, and yada – yada) will be one that will delight me and be not be just another pack of panties with the days of the week on them.  I think you all know what I mean here.  Gosh, I’ve been such a good girl this year!

I’m finding that what I’m wishing for and dreaming of is all about freedom.  With the conjecture going on about a reset of the Global Financial System and the revaluation of currencies like the Iraqi Dinar and the Vietnamese Dong, I’m looking at these rumors and thinking about what that dream of financial abundance looks like to me.

Rather than make a list like the one I made to Santa when I was eight that even included a Ford Mustang, LOL, this list I have now is really a rather short one.Dear Santa

I just want to be free to go where I want, when I want.  I want to be able to ramble around the globe as I please.  The more I consider this, the more reasonable it sounds, and feels to me as well.

Anyway, a more focused and shorter term wish list would my burning desire to be at the Joshua Tree meeting with the rest of the Golden Age of Gaia crew this equinox.  The reality is that this would cost nearly $3,000 dollars to do, and my current budget just laughed in my face.

This doesn’t deter me in the least from dreaming, or wishing on a star, or being grateful for the heart and mind to do this with.  It certainly has to be a better way to spin out my life energies than moping over the seeming impossibility of it all.

If it please the universe to have me be present with those of my peers in Joshua Tree in a couple of weeks, I will be.  For now, I’ll put on my glove and wait to see if the ball appears.  If it does, off to the sacred gathering I go.

Either way, I have a feeling that this isn’t about the little me here as much as it’s about the greater good.  May this play out in all ways to the best benefit for all concerned, and that would be all of us.


4 thoughts on “Resets, Revals and Wish Lists

  1. Have you heard of Cobra?

    Here is his website:

    He talks about an event that is going to happen where there will be a flash of light along with which everyone on the planet will immediately know that the event has happened and that within two to three hours it will be on all the mainstream news. I posted this because I really think that in order to actually wake everyone on the planet up we have to have an event where everyone just has an internal knowing because there are still many in the general public that don’t know although that is becoming less and less.

    Here is another website he offers on his website for information specifically relating to The Event:

    • I’ve been watching Cobra out of my peripheral vision for a long time. Not too taken with him, not my thing really, but each to their own.

      I really think discernment is important and checking one’s inner knowing no matter what the source. In this case, to me there is some that resonates and some that doesn’t. No doubt there are many holding different pieces to the puzzle at this time.

      It’s been my experience that even those with what I would perceive as bad intent still ultimately serve the Divine plan, no matter what. Not saying that this is what Cobra is up to, just saying we are all a part of the Divine plan. All play a role, and none of us really can contain enough of the ‘big picture’ to know what that means in all its entirety.

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