The Spiral and Download From the 12-12-12

spiral shellSteve’s article posted here on the traditional spiritual meanings of the spiral was a wonderful and welcome addition here at the birth of this blog setting. (1)  He’s just the master of compiling information, which is evidenced by his profuse and prolific writings on these subjects.

The foundation of understanding on spiritual icons is so important to ponder in these times, in my view.  If it weren’t for him and his passion for collecting and preserving these I’m sure I wouldn’t have a clue on how to access them in the now.  Beloved librarian, I love your monkish devotion!

Based on these foundational teachings, I’ve been having downloads now in the most dramatic fashion which have expanded my understanding of iconic symbols such as the spiral, and if I had to put my finger on when this really got intense, it would have to be on the 12-12-12.

I spent an entire day where I could barely move that day, and had to lie down.  It felt very similar to being drugged with some sort of opiate.  There was really nothing to do about it except to lie down and stay put.

This lasted for many hours that day, at least 6 or so, and although my eyes were so heavy I couldn’t keep them open, there was no sleeping.  In fact, although my eyes were closed, I could see right through my eyelids perfectly.

Before I could even get over the wonder of this, or even worry about why I felt so extremely high as if I ‘d been drugged, I started having the most intense download of information.  This is not the first time in my life that I’ve had such an experience, I’m both a lucid dreamer, and I’ve also had waking visions going back in my life to the cancer experience (which I may share in another post on another day).

Even so, the content of this download was very different and was filled with Sacred Geometry.  At first, it 3D sacred geometric formsseemed as if there were all sorts of geometric patterns coming down on me like snowflakes falling.  Except these were filled with Living Presence and they vibrated with energy.  It was similar to a twinkle, only the twinkle was not only seen but physically felt, heard, and yea, even tasted.

I understood in that moment, that these were frequencies, because they presented as color and sound, and for 6 hours or so, I was nearly unable to move at all, only lie there and receive the information they imparted.real snowflakes

This was not all.  As I lie there, a spiral of understanding rolled out in some kind of linear fashion.  Only it was not exactly linear like a line, it was a spiral in character.  The main themes were central and were based firmly on Sacred Geometry.  The revelations spiraled out and then back again.

Each time the spiral would go out, it would show relations in nature to the main theme and then spiral back again to the center.  Each time it came back again to the center, the level of my understanding was a level of magnitude greater.rings in water

It took me months for this to integrate in a way to make it accessible to my consciousness in an everyday way, and yet, the incredible thing is that the download has made me more intelligent.

I realize this is just the craziest thing to say, but my intelligence grew from that day forward.  Both my mental and emotional bodies shifted, in a huge way.  From that day to this, my capacity to contain information and to have comprehension of it is many magnitudes greater than before.

So, based on this expansion of understanding I’ve had since the 12-12-12, I’m going to give a try to share some of what this download imparted to me in a series of articles talking about the Sacred Geometry of the spiral and what this symbol means to me.




5 thoughts on “The Spiral and Download From the 12-12-12

  1. That’s so interesting you mention all of this, in the last year I have had the biggest shift in my consciousness than ever before and yesterday I had something extremely similar to what you mentioned above, mine was this heavy tiredness. I would lie down just because the heavy tiredness wouldn’t let me do anything else, I would close my eyes and immediately feel as if I was leaving my body…..extreme lightness and bright light surrounded me, at first I was scared, but then I understood what was happening….they were downloads of information. It too lasted about half the day, this extreme exhaustion and now today I feel extreme energy and a lightness to my body. Also, I see spirals all the time, and now every time I notice them I realize I am exactly where I need to be at that moment. Sorry for my rambling. I really enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing:)

  2. Love all your comments. The thing is that there is no way I can be the only one having these expansions happening. For sure to share them is wonderfully validating for everyone too.

    I feel we are in new territory now and talking about it is a good thing.

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