Steve Beckow: The Spiritual Significance of the Spiral‏

Please welcome to the campfire gathering, Steve Beckow, who is the owner of the blog, Golden Age of Gaia.  

Since spending the last three years being the lead moderator on the GAoG discussion forum, he has been a dear friend and also a wonderful model of how to come out of our shell and share what we are seeing in terms of the new territory we are now in.

Thank you, Steve, for all the support.

Steve BeckowAndrea has chosen as her theme “Notes form the Center of the Spiral.” What is the significance of the spiral in spiritual matters?
Well, it has many significances really, most of which I know very little about. For instance, the spiral follows a golden mean, a geometrical pattern that can be seen in Nautilus shells, plants and countless other natural phenomena. But of that I know little to nothing.
However I do know a wee bit about the karmic significance of the spiral in our journey home to God. 
As a result of a vision I had in 1987, I was made aware of the total journey of an individual soul from God to God.  I’ve described that vision elsewhere and will not repeat that description. (1) 

But it made me aware of the spiral because the spiral was a part of the vision. It characterized the part of the soul’s journey that takes place in the realm of matter, mater, Mother – the Divine Mother.
Through the operation of the law of karma as combined with our own choices of the lessons we wish to learn in any one lifetime, we follow a spiral that brings us back repeatedly to the same unlearned lessons until they are learned. 

Sufi sage Ibn Arabi described our journey down the ladder of consciousness, through lifetime after lifetime, realm after realm of matter. Note his contention that our birth as a human marks only the halfway point on the journey.

“Level after level he traverses the seven spheres and comes down into the Globe of Fire, then Air, then Water, then falls on earth; after that to the Minerals, Plants….

“Until he reaches the degree of human being he passes through many tribulations at every level of his descent; he meets with difficulties. Sometimes he rises; sometimes he goes low; and half a circle is completed till he is lodged with … mankind.” (2)

Note that he describes two movements. One is the overall parabolic descent into matter and ascent into spirit over countless lifetimes. 
The second is a periodic rising and falling in any one lifetime as the being responds to its “many tribulations” due to karma.
Sage Vasistha, millennia ago, referred to this second movement as the “rise and fall in evolution” that is brought about by “the law of cause and effect.” (3) Twentieth-century Christian Master Beinsa Douno described it as a “partial rise and descent in an oscillating curve.” (4)
This second pattern of movement — rising, falling, all the time moving forward — can be thought of as the spiral journey of the soul towards the realization of God. It is us responding to the law of karma, which, in the long run, keeps us moving towards God.
It’s this spiritual spiral that Andrea’s use of the term evokes for me.
Now let’s return to our discusson and complete it by combining the two movements — the sacred arc and the spiritual spiral. 
As we travel through the sacred arc over evolutionary periods of time, we follow a spiritual spiral on a day-to-day basis. While the movement of the arc may be away from and back to God, the movement of the spiral is through the same situations again and again until we learn our lessons.
In the course of this parabolic and spiral journey of many lifetimes, we make our return to the One whence we came. 
So Andrea’s choice of the spiral as her motif for her new blog is very special to me. 
Andrea is a clear voice and a far-seeing individual. I’m thrilled that she has decided to open a blog. I look forward to compelling insights into the magical events that are happening all around us at the present time. 
(3) Swami Venkatesananda, ed., The Concise Yoga Vasistha. Albany: State University of New York, 1984, 94.

(4) Beinsa Douno, “Brother of the Smallest One,” Lectures, 1 January 1917,, downloaded 7 March 2005.

(5) Al-Ghazzali, The Alchemy of Happiness. trans. Claud Field. Lahore: ASHRAF, 1971; c1964, 32.

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