Steve Beckow: The Spiritual Significance of the Spiral‏

Please welcome to the campfire gathering, Steve Beckow, who is the owner of the blog, Golden Age of Gaia.  

Since spending the last three years being the lead moderator on the GAoG discussion forum, he has been a dear friend and also a wonderful model of how to come out of our shell and share what we are seeing in terms of the new territory we are now in.

Thank you, Steve, for all the support.

Steve BeckowAndrea has chosen as her theme “Notes form the Center of the Spiral.” What is the significance of the spiral in spiritual matters?
Well, it has many significances really, most of which I know very little about. For instance, the spiral follows a golden mean, a geometrical pattern that can be seen in Nautilus shells, plants and countless other natural phenomena. But of that I know little to nothing.
However I do know a wee bit about the karmic significance of the spiral in our journey home to God. 
As a result of a vision I had in 1987, I was made aware of the total journey of an individual soul from God to God.  I’ve described that vision elsewhere and will not repeat that description. (1) 

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Starting Here

Everything has to start somewhere and this blog is starting here.

A humble birth.  It has yet to be seen what will come of its potential, just like any other birthing.  If I feed it often enough, it will grow.  What it will grow into no one can say for sure.

It has been a long time coming, this birthing, and as a birth-giver, I am a hesitant host.  It is not the giving birth that makes me hesitate.  It is the devotion that it takes to bring it to potential.  Will I do it?

So, this morning I woke with the notion of making this creation.  This was after insisting yesterday that I would not, at least until I laid down some other duties that I am devoted to.

But, then there is much changing in these times and so quickly too.  At least, this is the view from my place in the center of the spiral.

So, on we go…

This first posting was not so painful.  This morning I wrote down the experience I had that led me to start this blog.  I named it My Avatar, and I will post it shortly.

My Avatar


This journey is a spiral!

This morning I woke up and had an interesting experience.  One not completely unfamiliar, and yet from a whole new frame of reference.

While still in the in-between of getting reseated in my body, I clearly saw it as a doll-like thing.  Like a puppet, like an avatar, I deeply understood it (once again) to be not me, to be instead a vessel inhabited for the moment only.

Like I said, I have experienced this before, only it has been a long time since I had cancer, since I was dying from it in 1983, and had such a ridiculously difficult time getting seated back inside my body in order to live.  This process took several years, at least, before I could bear to be back in it.  I remember hovering over the top of it most of the time, and having the disconcerting experience of looking out of an area above my head about a foot much of the time until I did.

In contrast, this morning I felt very deeply seated in the body with none of the distaste of the previous similar memory of this awareness.  It took none of the intense dedication to purpose to remain so either, like before. Continue reading